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Of course, the expectation of each partner is that the good will outperform the bad, and that whatever bad does exist can be met and more effectively vanquished with a united approach.Debt is one of the most common problems an individual can bring into a marriage.For either option, late payments appear on the credit reports of the authorized user, the joint account holder and the original account holder.The credit report also reflects the credit utilization rate - your balances divided by your credit limits.

Financial problems, including debt, increase stress and marital discord.His focus at is on frugal living, veterans' finances, retirement and tax advice. No matter what your credit score is, combining finances with your significant other can change your credit score - even if your partner has the same spending habits.Those with no major debt problems are generally happier with themselves and with one another.Bill Fay is a journalism veteran with a nearly four-decade career in reporting and writing for daily newspapers, magazines and public officials.

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However, willingness to stick to the plan is the single most important quality to have; having discipline and a strong desire to get out of debt is more than half the battle.

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