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Faced with the terrible burden of AIDS, stories that HIV was introduced into Africa from the West by an accident such as OPV [oral polio vaccine] or intentionally by the USA Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have gained widespread credence...

Again, this evidence is irrelevant when considering the 1970s punctuated [iatrogenic] event recently determined to be undisputable scientific fact. Viral hepatitis type B: Prospects for active immunization.

These statements were made by featured presenters, all recognized leaders in this multidisciplinary field discussing the polio vaccine theory of AIDS origination.

There should be an investigation by an international committee mostly composed of non-medical people concerning how a rather obvious and plausible theory [of AIDSs origin from contaminated vaccines] came to be scorned and restricted from publication for so long, especially when important consequences regarding mankinds worst epidemic, and even more important consequences for other possibly even worse that may be following, hang in the balance.

As a corollary it should be studied why the hypothesis had to be promoted mainly by outsiders to science and medicine.

The reassures towards investigation (and non-investigation) that emanate from huge drug companies and their influence in slanting research in subtle ways should also be examined, as should the role of journals and peer review in potentially obstructing publications of controversial kinds.

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