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It works even better if you're looking through something like an empty roll of toilet paper because it narrows your focus.

Be sure to scan the room from multiple spots so you don't miss a camera pointed only at certain places.

In a situation where you rent a single room of a house or apartment, this also gets trickier.This can pick up wireless cameras within 10 feet or so.Some of the expensive ones even have screens to show you what the camera is seeing.And aside from getting kicked out of the Airbnb program, there are no consequences for putting up cameras. The laws on indoor and outdoor cameras vary from from state to state and region to region, so if you run into a specific situation you'll need to get a lawyer involved. Landlords can put up cameras outdoors and in "public spaces." However, they can't put up cameras, visible or hidden, where a reasonable person would suppose they have a right to privacy, like a bathroom or bedroom.In the case of renting, that can apply to the living room and other more "public" indoor spaces if the renters don't know the cameras are there.

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