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It’s also, kind of unfortunately, a way to weed out the idiots.You have to complete the sentence “How about we ______,” and some people don’t follow instructions.I get the feeling this app is trying to be many things at the same time.You have your profile, you have your matches, which are different from your visitors, who are also different from the people on your Quickmatch (which is OKCupid’s Tinder-ish feature but not really).

I do slightly appreciate the way you are able to get into contact with one of your matches (you send them 5 questions, they send you 5 back, you get to talking), but not being able to see anyone’s face is too much to ask. By making people think up of date ideas as part of their profile, it’s a great way to see how people think, and what they like.

It’s good if you like the person, but otherwise it makes me feel kind of violated.

Like, “Please stop looking at me.” At the same time, I have to ration the times I check out profiles, too.

It’s fun scrolling through and checking peoples’ date suggestions.

I also like that the button says “I’m intrigued”, a sign that this app was meant for people who can actually understand that word.

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